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Technology plays a crucial aspect in every part of our everyday lives. Right from our food down to our movie decisions, some aspect of Technology has played a part in operating or processing it. Hence why Pi PR has focused its business in branding and building the name of various IT brands who are mainly from the Enterprise sector of the industry. At Pi PR, we have the unique mix of actual knowledge and experience in the operations of technology business in Malaysia; combined with the insights of the local media and skills to achieve this effectively.

Whether it is a product launch, a branding exercise, or a positioning of your offerings, Pi PR helps to communicate it effectively by having an exhaustive understanding of the local media so as not to waste their time in telling your tech story. 

Our Proposition

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Our Principle

Recognition (of Brand) = Business Growth

We believe that Brand Recognition is ESSENTIAL for the growth of an IT business.

The brand recognition of a business means achieving its brand, objectives, visions and missions.  For this to happen, the business’ target audience needs to recognize it as the Market Leader, Brand, Best Solution, Reliable Partner - … basically anything the IT business endeavors to be known for.

Poor communication and presentation of a brand can lead to inadequate or negative understanding of a brand and that’s why we are there to ensure YOUR brand’s technology, and its solution/services offerings are effectively presented to achieve positive recognition and increase the Brand Value of your business.

Pi PR does it RIGHT for you! 

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PS: Our number has changed. We can be contacted at 603-7610 4402